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Grief Averted in Paris

I was lounging in bed listening to “Morning Edition” on my local public radio station. It was April 15. Tax day. But I wasn’t worried about that–I’d filed an extension. And I wasn’t awake enough yet to remember that it … Continue reading

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Marketing Grief

Recently I signed up to be a part of the outreach team for the Children’s Grief Center (CGC) and while I know it’s important to share information about the grief center and the services they provide to grieving families, I … Continue reading

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The 5 Stages of Grief Over my Shoes

At the end of January I  bought my silver- leather-bedazzled Skechers from  I couldn’t wait for them to arrive and once they did I immediately put them on, took a photograph and posted it to Instagram: “sparkly new #shoes … Continue reading

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National Grief Awareness Day 2013

The Thursday before Thanksgiving (that’s today, November 21) is Children’s National Grief Awareness Day, recognizing that the upcoming holiday season is especially difficult on grieving families. Even though my mom died more than 30 years ago, the holidays are still … Continue reading

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What is grief?

Wikipedia calls grief “….a multi-faceted response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or something to which a bond was formed.” Mirriam-Webster defines grief as deep sadness caused especially by someone’s death. The Mayo Clinic offers a 245-word article, … Continue reading

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Grief (reading) takes a holiday

Over the last several months I’ve read several grief narratives–memoirs mostly.  Actually this whole year has been devoted to reading grief, and of course writing grief.  Not all these books are necessarily classified as “grief memoirs” but I wanted to … Continue reading

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Grief Literature Spotlight: Half a Life by Darin Strauss

A little over a year ago I earned my MFA in creative writing, a program that includes a bunch of courses in writing and literature, the actual writing of a book-length manuscript, and the successful defense of the aforementioned manuscript. … Continue reading

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Honoring Jane Catherine Lotter and my Granddad

Ever since I read about Jane Catherine Lotter’s death, and the fact that she had written her own obituary I’ve been intrigued.  What if we all wrote our own obituary, maybe updated it every year. How would that (could that?) … Continue reading

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What goes with grief?

Grief goes with… A Dairy Queen in North Platte, Nebraska. A dead deer. A wrecked 1971 Super Beetle VW. Apfelkorn. A semi truck full of frozen turkeys. A calico cat named Alex. A best friend named Karin. I took a … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Shouldn’t Be About Grief

Father’s Day isn’t as hard for me as Mother’s Day–perhaps because  my father died in 2006 and I was an adult.  And though I had not  started to think of my 73-year-old father as “elderly” his health was failing.  It … Continue reading

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