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Grief Literature Spotlight: Half a Life by Darin Strauss

A little over a year ago I earned my MFA in creative writing, a program that includes a bunch of courses in writing and literature, the actual writing of a book-length manuscript, and the successful defense of the aforementioned manuscript. … Continue reading

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Honoring Jane Catherine Lotter and my Granddad

Ever since I read about Jane Catherine Lotter’s death, and the fact that she had written her own obituary I’ve been intrigued. ¬†What if we all wrote our own obituary, maybe updated it every year. How would that (could that?) … Continue reading

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What goes with grief?

Grief goes with… A Dairy Queen in North Platte, Nebraska. A dead deer. A wrecked 1971 Super Beetle VW. Apfelkorn. A semi truck full of frozen turkeys. A calico cat named Alex. A best friend named Karin. I took a … Continue reading

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