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Book Review: When Did Everybody Else Get So Old

About a month or so ago, author Jennifer Grant asked if I’d be interested in reviewing her  book, When Did Everybody Else Get So Old?  “In it, I write about the death of my sister and the loss of a … Continue reading

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On the anniversary of my mother’s death

At the Children’s Grief Center there is an activity that involves writing a letter to your loved one who has died. I had shared a letter I wrote to my father, and I thought today, on the anniversary of my … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Judith Hannan

This guest post is from Judith Hannan, author of the memoir Motherhood Exagerated which chronicled her experience of her daughter’s cancer treatment and transition into survival.  Hannan’s latest book, The Write Prescription is a hands-on guide to writing about illness.  I … Continue reading

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Review: Holding Silvan by Monica Wesolowska

I don’t really consider myself a literary critic, so sometimes I read reviews on Amazon or GoodReads.  Even though I don’t write traditional reviews, I find reading what others say sometimes helps me find a way in to a critique. … Continue reading

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Granddad’s Birthday

Granddad would have been 106 today.   As a dental intern at the Marine Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, Maurice Simpson was known as “Dreamboat” for his sparkly blue eyes–but he only had eyes for his beloved Ruby, a widowed young nurse at … Continue reading

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Grief and Mother’s Day

You can’t escape Mother’s Day for most of the month of April and for someone like me, whose mother has died, it can be a tough time.  My email gets inundated with special gift ideas for mothers, my local restaurants … Continue reading

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Review: Dark Wine Waters: a Husband of a Thousand Joys and Sorrows

Frances Simone found me through this very website and asked if I could add her book to my list of resources.  She also kindly sent me a copy of the book. When I think of grief memoirs, I don’t often … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Someone, Somewhere by Woz Flint

Deep in sleep, newborn cries awaken me from a foggy dream. Not yet a mama for two weeks time, my babe is hungry and we are falling into a routine. A choppy one, but a routine nonetheless. The rest of … Continue reading

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Review: Ghostbelly

I’m embarrassed to admit that I have had Ghostbelly by Elizabeth Heineman since June of last year and was invited to review it for this blog.  But cancer happened again (my sister, Stage 4 breast cancer, round 2)** and all of … Continue reading

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Honoring Grief: The Red Shoes Award

Earlier this year I received an email letting me know that I had been selected as the recipient of the Red Shoes Award, given in honor of poet and activist Dara McLaughlin (January 9, 1951 – May 27, 2006). The award is … Continue reading

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